From the files of the JSI Institute: Wellness Consultant Gretchen Ward's Testimonial


December 3, 2004

My name is Gretchen Ward. I‘ve had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) for about twenty years.  It’s the same as being exhausted at the end of the day - only for me it happens in the middle of the day.   By noon my energy is sapped.  I struggle with even the most basic of activities and have been reduced many afternoons and evenings to the couch.

As a mother of 8 children, many times I would be forced to keep going even when my body was saying "no more!"  The price I paid for doing that was being literally wiped out the next day.

I took James Stevens' Testyourself.Info class on February 22, 2004.  Within 48 hours I was able to go from a half a day to a full day's energy, and even a couple of hours into the evening.  It's been 9 months now and my energy level continues to climb.

I tested my entire premium-quality nutritional line and discovered there were supplements I was taking that I really didn't need.  Even worse, there were ones I needed that I wasn't taking!  I also found that my Daily Amounts were significantly higher than the suggested amounts.

This great energy is coming in real handy, too.  I'm running an early morning paper route, home schooling eight children, growing my home-based business, as well as caring for my "special-needs" son.  It's really exciting to be able to do it!

I'm not perfect at taking my supplements - I remember to take them about 80% of the time.  Getting them tailored to my body's needs still makes the difference, though.  It's like discovering the right fuel mixture for my body, and now my engine doesn’t sputter!

The Testyourself.Info has helped me a lot.  It's not like Nikken's nutrition or the testing has cured my CFS - it's still there.  But paying attention to my individual nutritional needs has overcome it.  I've retested myself 3 times in the last nine months and my Daily Amounts have gone down, too!  It's nice to save money, too.


Gretchen Ward

Nikken Wellness Consultant

Omaha, NE