From the files of the JSI Institute: Mannatech Presidential Forest Townsley's Testimonial


February 4, 2006

Cheryl and I have been using the JET Nutritional Testing system as an integral part of our business for the last year with great success - primarily in the area of our customers getting better and faster results with the product. We see bigger initial product purchases, better retention and better compliance.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to the system is that it is getting me appointments with many people that would have never listened to me on a network marketing presentation. The testing system is a big "hook" when it comes to getting people's interest!

For example, last Thursday I did a "testing appointment" with my wife's hairdresser - at the end of a 20 minute appointment she bought $309 worth of product (at full retail price) - in addition she has already sent me 3 referrals for future appointments (they called me!).

In addition my downline that use this system all charge $50 - $65 for every appointment they do - so this is a great additional source of income that can be especially helpful for people just getting started in the business.

Even if you don't use the testing system with new prospects, it's an incredible tool for making sure you and your family are taking the right products for you and in the optimal dose. This really makes it easy to see if you do better on Ambrotose Classic or Advanced, Plus or Sport, Catalyst or Glycentials, etc! Or how about being able to find out if you need 1, 2, 3 or 4 teaspoons of Ambrotose? It takes less than a minute to do all of this with the JET Nutritional Testing System.

Forest Townsley

Mannatech Presidential