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You Are Unique


Common among all people on our planet is the fact that nutrition is necessary for normal metabolic function, and to counteract induced stress. 

That’s where our common nature ends. From an individual perspective, there's very little that's "identical" about a person’s food supplement needs - due to a variety of influences.  

Individual needs vary greatly, even when comparing people who are the same sex, age and weight. Here's a look at some of the influences....


Metabolism and Size: Everyone has different metabolic rates. A person with a higher metabolism will “burn more fuel” and requires a higher nutrient intake than a person with a lower metabolism. Size is another factor: a 250lb person needs a different nutritional intake than a 120lb person.

Inherent DNA :  Everyone's familiar with how heredity plays a key role in a person's characteristics. Susceptibility to disease, longevity, and other inherent traits differ from person to person - creating differences in nutritional demands.

Personality Type: Your personality plays a big part on how you handle stress, and stress creates nutritional demands. "Type-A" personalities need additional nutritional support that an easy-going person doesn’t.


Food: A contributing factor is the type of food you eat.With the huge variety of foods available in our supermarkets, it’s safe to say nobody eats the same. Whether you’re a health nut, middle-of-the-road, or more convenience-oriented, everyone’s dietary intake is going to be different - and that's going to make a difference in how much you need to supplement.

Liquids: Water is a big influence - both in quantity and quality. Water has a cleansing effect on the body’s cells; the more you drink, the less stress on your cells. Drinking filtered water instead of tap water reduces oxidative stresses to the body. Other liquids, such as the carbonation in soft drinks, can cause stress to the cells.

Exposure to water impurities. Studies have shown that a person takes in as much chlorine when showering (from vapor inhalation and absorption through the skin) as by drinking 8 glasses of chlorinated water. Many other impurities in your local water supply will also be absorbed and have a stressful effect on your body's cells. One study done in the State of California identified as many as 106 carcinogenic substances in municipal water supplies.


Where We Live: People live and work in different environments, and a variety of stresses are created by it. The amount of time we spend in cars & traffic, the amount of sun we’re exposed to, chemicals emitted from building materials in the structures where we live and work…they all affect us, and are stresses on our cells.  

The Air We Breathe: When airborne pollutants are inhaled, they're delivered directly to our cells via the bloodstream. Whenever you smell an odor, you're transporting those gases into your cells. Industrialized areas have high concentrations of carcinogenic chemicals. Even agricultural areas have their problems, with the increase in pesticide and herbicide use. Pollens from vegetation in our local vicinity affect us as well.


When all these variables are taken into consideration, the final analysis is that the demands on your system and therefore your nutritional needs are going to be truly unique. Shouldn’t you have a nutritional supplement program that’s unique, too?

Using the simple and fun JET Technique for Kinesiologysm, you can quickly find out what your unique food supplement needs are, and be reassured that you’re taking what’s right for you.


JET Technique for Kinesiologysm

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