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Conventional Programs

There are literally hundreds of nutritional supplement programs available on the market today. Take your pick...you have your choice from convenient, low-cost options, to premium-quality, high-end regimes...and dozens of places in between. 

Here's some of the pro's & con's to the different types of nutritional supplementation programs.  Each has its benefits...and disavantages.

Packaged supplement regimes usually include a a grouping of formulas based on average nutritional needs. Providing you choose premium-quality brands, they will probably include the majority of what your body needs. The main advantage is the ease of which your program is developed.

Most "premium-quality" nutritional supplement companies have high levels of research, quality control and integrity in their products.  However, even with all this attention to quality, the nature of the industry is such that supplements must be distributed based upon the averages.

One disadvantage is you may be wasting money on supplements you don't need, or taking incorrect dosages of ones you do need.  Even a “targeted” supplement (i.e., “this product is designed for men over 40 to support the colon”) is still based on averages:  the average guy over the age of 40 probably could use nutritional support for their colon. However, your needs may not be all that "average"..

These include the most accurate nutritional testing methods today. Within the allopathic traditions, there are sophisticated techniques for determining nutritional needs which may include blood, urine and hair analysis. Often it's preceded by a severely restricted dietary intake.

Visiting a medical professional who uses sophisticated applied kinesiology cross-referencing techniques can also provide an accurate assessment. This is another option open to you - plus it's a little more convenient.

Either way, one of the disadvantages is the out-of-pocket money involved - it's usually not covered by insurance. You also need to keep coming back: nutritional needs change, and your needs should be monitored at least twice a year.

Many people have chosen to become self-educated by extensive reading to develop their own supplement program. For people who are inspired to participate at this level, this can be an excellent option.

However, it can also be a source of frustration. The more you read, the more confusing and contradictory it can seem. Authors often differ in their opinions, and in their approaches. 

Many people also look to economy brands to save money. This could actually be wasting money. There are currently no federal or state regulatory controls on supplements.  Low-cost supplements are usually "low-performance". This caliber of manufacturer focuses more on sales volume - concentrating on high-end advertising instead of high-quality components.   

Many responsible manufacturers are now developing premium-quality, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, popularly termed "nutriceuticals".  These are laboratory developed and controlled for purity, dosage and assimilation.  This means your body's cells will actually receive the components it needs.  It may be more expensive, but it's usually worth it.

Compared to other options available today, the Joys of Energy Testingsm  (JET) technique has many notable merits. Certainly it's not for everyone. It takes 2-3 hours to become comfortable with the techniques. However, for many people, it has become a cost-effective way to:

1-Test economy brands against premium supplements to assess their comparative value.

2-Test each supplement individually to determine whether it's needed - as well as screening for potential allergy or sensitivity.

3-Use a method that is 90-95% as accurate as the professionally administered programs - at a fraction of the cost.

4-Save money by choosing supplements tailored to your individual needs - not the law of averages.

5-And have fun with it! (that's why it's called the JOYS of Energy Testing!)

This might be exactly what you're looking for.


JET Technique for Kinesiologysm

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