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MRT The Basics

Kinesiology is the study of muscle movement. One application of kinesiology is known as Muscle Response Testing (MRT)- measuring muscle strength as it's affected by various stimuli.  Measuring these changes to your muscle strength is a revolutionary way of having your body communicate what’s beneficial to you - and what's not.

The JET Technique for Kinesiologysm is a user-friendly form of MRT designed to help you make intelligent choices with food & nutritional supplements. Testing these substances can help you make informed choices about what's right for you.

One of the original forms of MRT was termed Applied Kinesiology, which originated in the United States in the 1960’s. This was largely due to pioneering efforts of Dr. George Goodheart, who developed (and continues to teach today) this particular methodology for testing muscle response as affected by certain stimuli.  

Since then many accredited professionals from various disciplines have learned Dr. Goodheart’s methodology as part of their professional training. Over the past 40 years, literally thousands of medical professionals have employed his techniques in their practice with successful, consistent results.

Worldwide, over 50 methods of muscle testing techniques are in use today. Several different techniques of Muscle Response Testing have blossomed as well, including Clinical Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Biokinesiology, Behavioral Kinesiology, Neural Organization Techniques, and many more.

Many people use the term "Kleenex" for tissue because the Kleenex was first and foremost on the scene, many use the term "applied kinesiology" or "kinesiology" when referring to these techniques.  Muscle Response Testing or M.R.T. more appropriately encompasses the many forms of testing today.


What changes your muscle strength? At a molecular level your body is composed of electrically charged atoms, and when your body comes into contact with another substance (also composed of electrically charged atoms), a subtle transfer of energy occurs. Just as a person who scuffs their feet along a carpet causes a transfer of static electricity when touching another person, this same principle is in action at a more subtle level. This transfer of energy has been found to cause an immediate change in muscle strength.

The most common example of how a muscle can be immediately affected by physical contact with another substance....is actually a standard medical procedure used in this country when a person is having an angina pain. If a nitroglycerin tablet is placed under the tongue when the attack is occurring, the heart muscle will immediately start to relax and the symptoms will begin to abate.


What's most intriguing is that the change is immediate. In the example above, placing nitroglycerin under the tongue during a heart attack has an immediate effect - even though it still takes several seconds for the dissolved nitroglycerin tablet to reach its destination. Even though the sublingual region is excellent for direct absorption into the bloodstream, it takes a substantial amount of time for a tablet to dissolve, be absorbed, travel through the bloodstream, and actually reach the heart muscle. So why does the heart relax immediately?  

The answer may be found in gustatory receptors located under the tongue which lead to the brain. When the nitroglycerin tablet is placed under the tongue, the electrically charged atoms that form this substance sends its “molecular imprint” message along these neural pathways to the brain, where the instinctive intelligence recognizes its benefit, and relays the message to the heart, which immediately relaxes. Several seconds later, the heart actually gets the nitroglycerin it needs via the bloodstream.


The JET Technique for Kinesiologysm utilizes this same principle by applying foods and nutritional supplements under the tongue and then testing muscle strength. In a fascinating way that is not yet thoroughly understood by science, the instinctive intelligence of the brain recognizes the molecular imprint of a substance as beneficial or not. If the substance is beneficial, it usually results in an increase in muscle strength. If it’s not beneficial, then it results in a weakening of muscle strength. It’s a revolutionary way to learn how things affect you - and to start making informed choices to take charge of increasing wellness and vitality in your life!


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