We don't believe in a bunch of fine print that you'll never read. Our moneyback guarantee is simple and fair. Just the plain truth in normal words.

After 10 days of experiencing our counseling, you'll be able to sense whether you've got a good co-pilot with JSI at your side.  At that time, we'll be on the phone with you on a regularly-scheduled coaching session.

A small but important part of that call will be to get your "go / no-go" decision. At that point, you decide whether to abort or continue the flight.

Did you know that 20,000 times each day airline pilots in country make this simple decision? A go / no-go decision that gets 20,000 planes to their destination every day. It's a decision for you to make, too. This is the point where you decide you're going to master flying the JET, or not.

We make no judgment on your decision. Each pilot must make their own call.

Keep in mind, we don't expect you to be an expert pilot after 10 days. We still have a lot of work to do! Just take a look at how long a child takes to learn how to ride a bicycle - and how they don't give up. It's the vision of success that's important.

But if you don't have that vision of success, this is your only time to consider returning it for a refund.  There are no refunds after this point.  You are responsible for all payments agreed upon.

If you decide to abort your flight, we'll eat the cost of counseling you up to that point, which can be as high as $140.  As your partner, we're willing to take that risk.

To cover administrative costs of returning the merchandise and handling the accounting, there is a 15% restocking fee adjustment you'll be responsible for.  That's your part in the partnership.

Know this. Once your JET is airborne, we're both committed to completing the flight. We'll be there for you. And we'll expect you to be there for us, too. We're in this together, and we'll see it to our final destination. Succeeding, of course.

Bon Voyage!

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