The James Stevens Story

Hello, my name is James Stevens.  I've been an entrepreneur over the last two decades.  I'd like to share my story with you.

It started 25 years ago, when I worked my way up from mechanical draftsman into Manufacturing Engineering, even though I had no ME degree.  My bosses liked what I could do, so they let me do it.  It was great fun.

In 1984 I was certified in a kinesiology technique for food supplement testing developed by two Doctors of Chiropractic.  Although it was very effective, it used complicated meridian cross-referencing. Plus, the anterior deltoid testing - pushing down on their arm - also had people question its accuracy.

In two other entrepreneurial startups, I partnered in developing a tax service for home-based businesses nationwide, helping people maximize legal tax deductions.  In later years, I created a state-of-the-art legal service for San Francisco Bay Area businesses that often quadrupled their recovery rate on bad debts.

In 1994, I became certified in a behavioral kinesiology technique and briefly became vice president of that company.  This form of kinesiology was very effective in identifying and removing emotional blocks that created negative behavioral patterns.  Neat stuff.

Two years later, I invented a self-testing device for muscle testing.  Although I would not consider myself an inventor, over the years I've created 7 generations of this testing device to perfect its use.  I also designed the tooling and developed the manufacturing processes.  Our company manufactures the equipment you will be using.

Over the years, I integrated the equipment into food and food supplement testing.  From my previous experiences and training, I created a user-friendly system: the JET Technique for Kinesiology.  It's been road-tested and refined hundreds of times to make it most effective. Simpler. Clearer. Accurate. Polished.  

5 years ago, I saw the need to train and certify people in the JET system.  I have taught classes in most of the 50 states in the US, as well as Canada, England, Australia, Germany, New Zealand and more.  This transitioned into our current one-on-one worldwide tutoring system.

Consequently, I've been interacting with a lot of people over the years.  I've witnessed and received much positive feedback from people learning how to do this.  But mostly from the God-given gift we all possess.  The ability to get our body to accurately communicate its needs.  I thank God every day for that.

To date, I have trained over 5,000 students around the world.  It's been a wonderful environment for me to learn how to effectively coach people.  And it's taught me how to coach our coaches to coach you.

Entrepreneur. Engineer. Inventor. Developer. Teacher. Coach. Public speaker. Faithful husband. Father of two beautiful girls. Above all, servant to my Higher Power.  I am so grateful to be here!  Thank you for sharing my journey.



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