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 Personal Curriculum

 The roadmap to navigating your 30-day course.


It's Time to Retest!

Print everything you need in one step. Insures the latest and greatest. Perfect for your 6-month checkup.


Document D: Getting It Right (formerly 1-2-3 Getting the Feel)

Accurately using both pieces of equipment: your brain, and your bar!


Document E: Personal Test Buddy

Step-by-step testing form for reliable results.


Document F: My Navigator

Footnotes 1-18. Keeps you expertly on course with details for the Personal Test Buddy.


Document G: My Dispenser Buddy

Form for recording when to take your supplements.


Supplement Dispensers

Our favorite picks. These are not sold by the JSI Institute, and we do not profit from it. Available at


Family Supply Calculator

When there's a lot of people in your family, and staying on top of what to order is important to you.  Microsoft Excel required.



JET QCards - Train the Brain (TB)

Cerebral conditioners to insure accurate testing

Train-the-Brain Coaching   Click here to Play!     Print QCards then Play

(takes a few minutes to begin play)


JET QCards - Basic Nutrition (BN)

A variety of Amount Testing procedures and more


JET QCards - Advanced Nutrition (AN)

Handy testing procedures for crisis amounts, ramp-ups and more


JET Notebook

We took notes for you.  Don't worry, we won't make you read the whole thing in one sitting.  Takes a few minutes to download.


Business Curriculum

Your path to earning income as a JET Testing professional.


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