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About JSI

What's at our core.  If this speaks to you, then we're on the same track


Who is James Stevens

How the JET Technique for Kinesiology evolved over 20 years


Moneyback Guarantee

It's fair to both of us, and respects your decision.


Significant Clinical Study

As more evidence is mounts, people are realizing the truth of kinesiology


Research: Your Body Can Talk

Written by Susan Levy, D.C. 380 pages of how muscle testing can enhance your vitality.


Research: Your Body Doesn't Lie

Written by John Diamond, M.D.  A classic kinesiology text.  Easy to read.  Fascinating.


Research: Eat Right for Your Type

Written by Peter D'Adamo, M.D.  Describes how food and food supplement choices are based on unique factors, such as blood type.


Research Christian book: Breath of Life

By Anglican minister John Huggett.  A Christian believer's guide to discerning complementary therapies, including kinesiology.


The Power of our Innate Intelligence

The lateral geniculate nucleus is highly intelligent, if you think about it. Two dramatic examples from the Asian Tsunami of 2005.


Family Supply Calculator

When there's a lot of people in your family, and staying on top of what to order is important to you.  Microsoft Excel required.


Supplement Dispensers

Our favorite picks. From These are not sold by the JSI Institute, and we do not profit from it.


JET Notebook  (rev. 03/17/06)

We took your notes for you.  Don't worry, we won't make you read the whole thing in one sitting.  May take a few minutes to download.


 Personal Curriculum

 A course that can improve the rest of your life.


Business Curriculum

Your path to earning income as a JET Testing professional.



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